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Seeing the suffering world, through the eyes of my lens

Hi ! I am an International Criminal Law expert and a humanitarian photographer. My academic and professional work is focused on the intersection of war and the international protection of children. I have traveled to several countries to pursue my studies as well as to capture stories with my camera.


In my Law career, my research primarily focuses on international crimes committed against children, children affected by the foreign fighter phenomenon, undocumented children, unaccompanied refugee children, due process rights of children, human trafficking, and religious persecution.


With my Photography career, I want people to see the suffering world, through the eyes of my lens. So, it is not photography for photography’s sake, but for what it can do in to change people´s lives. I use my storytelling skills to inform, provoke discussion, inspire action, and make this world a better place.

My love for humanitarian photography started at a young age, but only blossomed professionally after I finished my Ph.D. in International Criminal Law. Standing for the rights of women and children affected by war and extreme poverty has always been my calling.

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